Parallel, converging, intersecting, interrupted, distorted, repeating, subtle and brash – they are omnipresent. In the form of roads and tracks they guide us through the landscape, returning us to familiar places, leading us to new ones. Structurally, they define the architecture and grids that shape our towns and cities. Nature contributes trees, rivers and landforms which, when organized, become orchards, crop rows and fields. And then there are those lines that we can’t actually see, the ones that give us our bearings – latitude, longitude, time zones and borders.

The serpentine line of a freshly harvested hayfield becomes even softer as it drifts alongside a steadfast stretch of fresh asphalt. The scene is uncomplicated and calming. Conversely, an unassuming intersection in a threadbare mid-western town, with its clutter of lines, offers up something altogether different. Like a compilation of words, this particular image presents lines that work well as sentences, yet seem to struggle when forming a paragraph. Often we are unaware of how these underlying networks navigate us around a photograph. Alone or in unwitting collaboration, lines fashion harmonies – some are simple, others complex and, now and again, slightly awkward.

For twenty-nine days the twisting network of blue highways from the pages of my road atlas steered me across the northern states of America. Routes flowed in every imaginable direction, yet I followed an indeterminate course from the mighty Pacific Northwest to the corroded rust belt cinching the Great Lakes. There were times when I disagreed with the printed lines and opted to trust the painted ones beneath my wheels. Either way, they led me to those moments where the inherent lines somehow coaxed me to stop and take a closer look.  


Limited Edition Portfolio / 12 Prints

Case:       Clamshell box: grey buckram exterior with matte foil stamped type / black cloth interior / black ribbon

                  17" x 13" x 1"

Prints:      12 giclee prints:  9 colour / 3 black & white

                  Sheet size: 16.5" x 12"    

                  Image size: 13.5" x 9"

                  100% cotton rag paper / acid free / pH buffered

Plus:     1.  Essay (see above) printed letterpress

              2.  Summary of images (thumbnail, title, location & date)

              3.  Pair of cotton gloves for handling prints

Price:   $4500.00 (CDN)